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iRing for iPhone and iPod Touch
Ring your iPhone with an email.
Did you forget where you put your iPod? Do you want an excuse to get out of a boring meeting? With iRing you'll get an email account @goring.it where you can send emails that turn into notifications on your devices.
Find your device.
Did you forget where you left your iPod? Instead of searching for it, how about
emailing it? Just send an email to your account at goring.it and your iPod will receive a notification that will cause it to ring.
Schedule a notification.
If you want to receive an "important" message in a meeting just send an email to
your account with a subject beginning with [<min>] where <min> can be a any number between 1 and 30. E.g. Subject: [5] Come home quick! will deliver the notification in 5 minute.
Choose from 10 custom ringtones.
If you don't like the default notification sound or if you want iRing notification to sound different then your other notifications then you can activate the Custom Sounds feature. Listen to our custom ringtones in the Ringtones page.
It's free!
iRing it's free. You can install it and send as many notifications as you want without any cost. On iPhones, iPads and iPod touches a small banner might appear at the bottom of any window.
Premium accounts.
Regular accounts (accounts with minimum 8 characters) are free. Premium accounts are available at a cost. You can 4, 3, 2 or even 1 character usernames (e.g. a@goring.it). To see the list of premium account types access Premium features from the main application menu.
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